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What is IdeaShifters™?
IdeaShifters™ a US only panel is a division of Parad ig m Sample, Inc., a market research firm that specializes in general consumer, mobile, business-to-business, and IT industries. Our clients (developers, designers, builders, analysts) want to know what consumers think about a wide variety of topics that will affect design and development decisions. IdeaShifters collects the research data through surveys and reports the results in aggregate. No individual participant is ever identifiable in the reported data.

Your participation is always 100% voluntary, and all the information you provide to us will remain confidential. Each time you complete one of our surveys, you'll receive reward points.

How do I participate in IdeaShifters?
As an IdeaShifters member, all you have to do is watch your email for survey invitations. We'll include the survey topic, estimate the amount of time it will take to complete the survey, the reward or incentive you earn for completing the survey, and a link to access the survey. Your participation is always 100% voluntary.

How do I access the member portal?
You can log into the IdeaShifters member portal from your PC/laptop or mobile device by pointing your device browser to The portal will adapt automatically to the type of device you’re using. Note that the mobile portal includes a subset of the functionality available on the PC/laptop portal. Regardless of which portal you use, you can always check for available surveys, view your points status, redeem points, and update your account information.

How frequently do I have to participate?
There is no minimum number of times you must participate in our surveys, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

What if I don't have time to answer a survey?
Surveys are usually open for participation for a specific period of time. If you cannot respond during that time, don't worry. There's no minimum number for you to complete, and if a survey isn't convenient to your schedule, simply ignore the invitation.

How can I get answers to my questions about IdeaShifters?
You can reach us by email, postal mail, or phone. We're here to help you! Visit our About Us page for more information.

How do I unsubscribe from IdeaShifters?
You can unsubscribe in these ways:

  1. Use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of member portal screen (when you are logged in).
  2. Use the unsubscribe link that is included at the bottom of every email invitation.
  3. Send an email to our Member Services Manager ( with the word "Remove" or "Unsubscribe" in the subject or the body. (Note: you must send the email from the email address with which you registered for the program or we won’t be able to identify you.)

Surveys and Opportunities

Why haven't I received an email invitation in a while?
Most likely, we haven't had a survey that would be appropriate or interesting to you based on the profile you provided when you registered. Or, if you've changed email addresses since you joined IdeaShifters, perhaps the contact information we have for you is outdated. You can easily update your contact information by contacting our Member Services Manager (

How long do I have to respond to a survey invitation?
Some surveys are open indefinitely so that all new program members have the opportunity to respond. Some surveys are available for a specific period of time, such as three to five days. The length of time varies depending on how many respondents we need, qualifications of respondents, and how quickly other members respond.

How long are the surveys?
Each survey is different. Some are very short and take only 5 minutes, while others are longer and take up to 25 minutes. We'll tell you in the invitation how long we think it will take to complete the survey. We realize that your time is valuable, so for longer surveys we aim to offer greater rewards.

Am I automatically qualified for a survey if I receive an email invitation?
No. Based on the information you provide when you register, we'll invite you to surveys for which you are likely to qualify. Sometimes a survey includes additional screening questions to ensure that the respondents correctly match a target profile (e.g., people who are planning to change their mobile service provider in the next 6 months).

I started a survey but after the first question or two I was told that I didn't qualify. What does that mean?
Based on the information you provide when you register, we'll invite you to surveys for which you are likely to qualify. Sometimes a survey includes additional screening questions to ensure that the respondents correctly match a target profile (e.g., people who are planning to change their mobile service provider in the next 6 months).

Privacy Policy

How do you use my personal information and the answers I give in surveys?
We use your registration information only to create and administer your IdeaShifters account and to identify the surveys that most likely match your background. Your information is always held in strict confidence. Your survey answers are combined with answers from hundreds of other participants and reported only in total. We invite you to read our complete Statement of Privacy.

We adhere to the Interactive Marketing Research Organization's (IMRO) standards of respondent confidentiality and non-disclosure. No one else will have access to your name, address, email or any other personal information. No one will try to sell you anything, and no other organization will contact you for any purpose as a result of joining IdeaShifters or for taking our surveys.

Rewards of Membership

How and when will I be rewarded for my participation in a survey?
You earn points for every survey you complete. The number of points per survey varies based on time necessary to complete it, the audience being requested, and the survey's complexity. A completed survey averages 20 points.

Sometimes surveys offer more significant incentives, such as some surveys in the IT Decision Maker Topic Area.

Ten points is equivalent to $1 value. The minimum amount you may redeem is 100 points. By the end of each calendar year (December 31), you must redeem all points possible. Points are redeemed only in batches of 100.

  • If you have accrued between 100 and 199 points, you must redeem 100.
  • If you have accrued between 200 and 299 points, you must redeem 200.
  • If you have accrued between 300 and 399 points, you must redeem 300.

Unredeemed batches of 100 points will expire at 11:59 pm on December 31. Points are redeemed as* gift codes. We are working with vendor partners to broaden and deepen the redemption award possibilities.

Accuracy of responses to surveys you receive from us is critical. Points are not guaranteed. Points are granted after a study is complete and responses are validated for reasonableness and accuracy. When the validation approves your responses to a survey, points are rewarded as described.

You will receive your redeemed giftcodes the 1st and 15th of every month (or the first weekday following those dates if the 1st and 15th fall on a weekend).

Help! Technical Difficulties

I was taking a survey but was interrupted before I finished the survey. Can I continue?
Depending on your browser capabilities, you should easily be able to resume the survey where you left off (assuming the survey is still open for responses). If your browser does not support this functionality, you may have to start the survey from the beginning. To resume the survey, either click on or copy and paste into your browser the original URL you used to start.

I tried to take a survey and got a “file not found” error message.
Check to make sure the URL you are using is correct. Depending on your browser capabilities, you should be able to click on the survey URL in your email invitation to begin. You can also copy and paste the URL into your browser. If you choose to type the URL, be sure to type it exactly as it appears in your email invitation (please note that some survey URLs are case sensitive).


If my email address changes, how do I update my membership information?
Contact our Member Services Manager ( or visit the My Account page in the membership portal.

I still have a question!
If we still haven't answered your question, please contact our Member Services Manager ( or call us at 877-277-7910.


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